LTC Daniel L. Davis

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​Here are some of the news articles and links to video news reports on LTC Daniel L. Davis.
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1. AFJ. Truth, lies and Afghanistan: How military leaders have let us down. By Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis

2. NYT. In Afghan War, Officer Becomes a Whistle-Blower. By Scott Shane

3. Huffington. Lieutenant Colonel Davis, Death and Deception in Afghanistan. By Matthew Hoh

4. CSMonitor. Reports on Afghanistan war too rosy? Army officer, others say yes. By Anna Mulrine

5. CSMonitor. US colonel: Don't believe US statements on progress in Afghanistan. By Dan Murphy

6. Battleland. “Truth, Lies and Afghanistan.” By Mark Thompson

7. Democracy Now. Army Whistleblower Questions U.S. Success in Afghanistan

8. Army Times. The ‘Stan: An officer’s unvarnished view. By Lance M. Bacon

9. The Colonel Who Started Telling the Truth on Afghan War. By Jason Ditz

10. Stars and Stripes. In Afghan war, an officer becomes a whistle-blower.

11. NYT: At War Blog. An Officer and a Whistle-Blower. By Scott Shane.

12. ABC Blog. The Global Note: U.S. Leaves Syria…Voices From Homs…Egypt To Try Americans…Obama’s Grandmother’s Accident. By Tom Nagorski

13. ABC. US officer breaks ranks on Afghanistan. AFP

14. Breitbart. US Paints False Picture of Afghan War: Officer. AFP

15. Drudge Retort. Officer: Afghanistan an Enormous Lie.
Cut and past the below URL into your web browser to be connected to the CNN website for a video of the 7 February 2012 interview with LTC Daniel L. DAvis