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LTC Daniel L. Davis' Reports and Published Works
These are some of the recent articles LTC Davis has published.
The Guardian, 13 June 2013

"We Need a True Ceasefire in Afghanistan"

If we staunchly maintain this "run out the clock" strategy irrespective of on-the-ground realities, the risk to core American objectives rises dramatically. Desperate situations often require bold, audacious countermeasures. Although we are well into the 11th hour, it is time to try something we have remarkably not even attempted: seek a ceasefire, providing diplomatic space for a negotiated settlement, in an attempt to bring the war to an acceptable conclusion..
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Philadelphia Inquirer, 8 July 2013

"Without Borders: US Could Have Boosted Security While Being Upfront with Public"

In light of Edward Snowden's recent National Security Agency tell-all, pundits and politicians have been debating one question: Which should carry more weight: Individual privacy or collective security? Unfortunately, that hypothetical question can't be definitively answered. There is a question, however, that hasn't been asked enough, and it's the one that matters most: Who gave the senior leaders of the United States the authority, with neither the knowledge nor concurrence of the American people, to secretly intrude deep into the private lives of our citizens?

Disappointment and Duplicity

Companion to July/August 2013 Armed Forces Journal essay.

On August 8, 2013 I published an article in the Armed Forces Journal (Purge the Generals: What it will take to fix the Army) in which I argued a reform of the general officer corps of the US Army was necessary for the health of the Service. As part of the justification for such an unusual recommendation, I included a short two-paragraph survey of some of the more egregious failures over which Army leaders have presided spanning the past two decades. Yet those two paragraphs cannot come close to conveying the seriousness of the failures nor adequately justify why a serving officer would recommend some of the senior Army leaders need to be replaced. This larger work will provide the necessary detail.