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UPDATED as of 4 August 2013:

In February 2012, I published an article in the Armed Forces Journal that argued senior uniformed leaders were not being totally honest with Congress and the American people.  In the July/August edition of the Armed Forces Journal, I have written a new article suggesting that the Army's general officer corps needs to be reformed.  An associated article in The Guardian emphasizes the necessity of this reform owing to the fact our leaders are on record as telling the American people that constrained budgets will result in a smaller and less capable Army - but that is not the only option available.  There is another plan whereby the Army could be reduced to an affordable size but end up producing a force that has greater combat capability than the current force before reductions take place.  Both articles will be posted here this week when they are published.

Future published works that the Army clears will be posted to this site.  Please check back periodically for updates.

The views expressed in all articles and essays posted on this site are the sole opinions of the author and do not reflect the views of the Army or Department of Defense.
US Soldier in Kunar Province, Afghanistan (2011)
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LTC Davis' 2008 Armed Forces Journal article citing some of the problems with the Future Combat System and his recommended solutions.
"War on the Brink of Failure", Armed Forces Journal, October 2010, on Afghanistan
"The Spark, Oxygen, and Fuel" Armed Forces Journal, September 2010, explaining the 2007 Iraq Surge on General Petraeus' legitimate accomplishments
"Sacrificing in Silence", Washington Times, 12 NOV 07, on military how military families suffer.
"The Battle of Ideas" Washington Times, 1 JAN 08, on how US words and actions must be consistent in overseas operations.
"The Immeasurable Cost of War", Philladelphia Inquirer, 30 AUG 10, on the invisible pain suffered by many family members of Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines.
Video Presentations
"Afghan MIssion"
"Panjwei Dismounted Patrol"
Field Artillery Attack, September 11, 2011
"Go Big or Go Deep" published as a paper in October 2009, prior to the decision to send surge forces in Afghanistan eventually made by the President in December 2009.
Davis on PBS News Hour, Friday 17 February 2012
Davis on BBC World News with Nik Gowing, 27 February 2012 regarding his Armed Forces Journal report.
Davis on BBC World News with Nik Gowing, 27 February 2012 on the subject of the Koran burning in Afghanistan.
Democracy Now Television Show, Parts I and II, April 11, 2012
Democracy Now, April 11, 2012, Part I
Democracy Now, April 11, 2012, Part II
"Blood and Honor" - Australia's ABC TV production about the war in Afghanistan, including segments featuring LTC Daniel L. Davis.  Broadcast in Australia 16 April 2012.  Available online at:
The Ninth Annual Ridenhour Prizes, April 25, 2012
LTC Daniel L. Davis awarded Ridenhour Truth-Telling Prize,
The National Press Club, Washington, DC
(Davis' presentation begins at 24:40)
LTC Daniel L.Davis on Dutch National Television, 21 May 2012